Erratic Pictures is comprised of two filmmakers with a diverse range of experience and skills.



Anna Cooley

Anna specializes in producing, directing and graphic design. Through Erratic Pictures she and her partner Brandon are able to pursue independent projects that engage and inspire them. Anna's multi-award winning feature documentary A Sauropod Abroad is currently making its way around the international festival circuit. She recently completed Sleepwalker a short narrative film which draws inspiration from 1920's expressionist filmsAnna loves to travel for work as well as pleasure and hopes to continue shooting projects all over the world.  

Brandon DeWyn

Brandon's passion is for using every tool available to make evocative film.  His studies in film, theatre, and information systems at Calvin College have given him a unique blend of technical and artistic skills. Brandon cut his teeth as a freelance videographer and editor before moving into the Alberta film industry as an  Assistant Director, where he has worked on films and tv series since 2012. At Erratic Pictures, Brandon puts his experience and imagination to use in writing, producing, and editing.