Everyone We Know Will Be There

Hey, you’re going to Brad’s shindig right? Everyone we know will be there. It’s gonna be the most orgiastic, booze-filled rager anyone’s ever seen! This is a deafening investigation of teenage sex, identity, consent, and the warm, wet lessons we can only learn in the dark. Pick a character and experience the drama.


Theatre, Virtual Reality and Storytelling Agency

Adapted from a site-specific roving theatre production, Everyone We Know Will Be There invites you to follow one of five main characters in virtual reality as their stories develop and intertwine.  When the party ends, share your character’s journey with other guests to get the whole story. Push the boundaries of digital narrative with collaborative VR storytelling.


The Story

It's gonna be a rager for the history books, and everyone is going.  Brad's not feeling very celebrated - what better reason to throw yourself a party?  His brother Jules got a coming-out fiesta, but now he won't even leave his room.  Unless a certain Alex Calhoun shows up to his house, girlfriend or no.  He does show up, and with Tina, but she feels like she's losing Alex, her job, and her sanity all at once, until she meets Fig.  Fig has no one.  She barely knows who she is herself, and that was before the mushrooms.


Why VR

Everyone We Know is an intimate experience best suited to the medium of VR.  There is magic in the emotional charge an audience feels when they are present in a room with a character - empathy flourishes in VR.   When the show is complete, audience members will need to seek each other out in order to piece together the other characters' stories.  Each will leave the experience with narrative currency in their pocket, which they will be allowed to trade by becoming storytellers themselves.